• HANRIMWON Background

I migrated to Australia in year 1990 and established ‘Han Rim Won’ Kumdo School in Sydney. A significant number of the students at ‘Han Rim Won’ Kumdo/Kendo school are international students, many of whom originated from Korea and China. Due to shared personal experiences, I related very well to these international students and I tried my best to help them through Kumdo training. For example, I care about their living and I did counselling for their problems include academic matters. This experience, in addition to being a graduate of TAFE and an Australian university my-self is useful and will continue to enable me to help international students. This has motivated me to establish ‘Han Rim Won’ International Education Service.
I hope that Han Rim Won International Education Service will be a very good friend to those who need our service and those who engage with us. May they receive God’s blessings in their endeavours in Australia.

Managing Director

Han Rim Won International Education Service

  • Company definition
  • Business purposes (Mission)
  • Aims (Vision)
  • Business Market

The company ‘Han Rim Won International Education Service (hereafter HRWI)’ is established to service Korean students studying in Australia for purposes of personal growth and career development and recruiting international student to Institution in Australia.

  1. To provide accurate information and quick and efficient administrative services to Korean students who intend to study in Australia and related Institution.
  2. Through this business, to accrue profits for our company by lawful and right means.
  1. Through this business, we wish to contribute towards the success of people who aspire to take on challenges in their lives and to realize their dreams, including those who wish to expand their world view or to develop a new career path by studying overseas.
  2. By engaging in such activities, HRWI will make useful contributions towards the Australian and Korean societies.
  3. HRWI will be most outstanding company with same industry in Australia.

Our target market is Korea and Korean students, specifically recent high school graduates, students planning to undertake tertiary or university education, current Korean university students, and university graduates who are contemplating their future directions and career options.

  1. To target Korean high school graduates intending to study in technology institutes overseas (e.g. TAFE in Australia).
  2. To target current university students intending to undertake the challenge to study overseas, and university graduates looking to switch career paths and to enter a new industry.

Business strategies

We are not using agents in Australia and Korea. Instead we are capitalizing on the personal network of the managing director and other director. Furthermore, rather than doing high-cost, low-return advertising in Korean magazines and newspapers, we opt to minimize operating cost and channel our investment towards direct counselling with potential customers and students. If possible, the HRWI will conduct counselling tours around Korea up to 4 times a year. We believe that counselling is crucial to our operation and constitutes the most important business strategy of the company. It will enable us to build and maintain good relationship with customers, and to recruit future customers through good feedback and wordof-mouth.

The managing director must participate in sports events in Korea more actively, to maintain and develop his network of personal relationships in Korea.

Our morals and ethics

We abide by the rules, regulations and law in Australia and Korea, and follow the guidelines of the governing bodies in Australia and Korea. We are honest in our engagements and dealings with customers and will always strive to put in our best efforts for our customers while maintaining our rapport and mutual trust. We are also respectful of related and similar companies in the industry and will engage in fair dealings with them.

1) Our foremost principle is to always do our best, to diligently and consistently strive for excellence and to ensure provision of quality service for our customers (students and institutions).

2) We care about our customers. Although not a documented requirement, we will see to the needs of our customers (students and institutions) until they finish their studies in Australia.

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